Fensh / The New Tradition

Fensh is a combination of letters derived from the word FRIENDSHIP.

Fensh, therefore, clearly reflects the company‘s philosophy and gives a first look at our key values. We strongly believe that we are not the same without friends. Fensh stands for cherishing the momentum of friendship and using it to go beyond your capabilities.


Our first collection “The New Tradition” is the label dedicated to our roots in the heart of the Italian Alps, the place we call our home. Since the dawn of human history, the Alps have been an important crossing point connecting the north and the south of Europe. Since the beginning of time, people have been passing the deep and stunning valleys, surrounded by the magnificent mountain chains of the Alps, to reach the other side of Europe. This impacted the unique culture of our region and influenced today’s way of living. The New Tradition collection is a representation of our roots in which we’ve combined attributes from the traditions of the region and translated them into a contemporary context.

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