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Nike Sneaker

The success story of Nike Sneakers 

The name Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory. 1971 established, the American brand, with headquarters in the State of Oregon is the world's leading sporting goods supplier. Nike was founded by the running coach of the University of Portland, Bill Bowerman and the middle distance runner Phil Knight. Nike owes its success because they manufactured sneakers that were lighter with profiled soles. The commercial success of Nike was linked to the binding to successful athletes, like Steve Prefontaine, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong. The graphic design student Carolyn Davidson designed for 35 US dollars, the logo, called Swoosh. The Air Max, Rosheone and huarache series and the independent brand Jordan are the best sellers of Nike Sportswear. If your looking for Nike Sportswear sneaker, Sneakerworld offers different models, colors and styles.