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We founded Sneakerworld in 2013 in the heart of the Italian Alps. We that is two best friends and former schoolmates who decided to follow our passion. Today streetstyle has grown into a worldwide culture, defined by millions of individual visions, melting together all under the wish to express personal realities. With Sneakerworld we want to make an impact on this culture. What initially started as sneaker and streetwear store, grew into a distinguishable fashion brand and a key point for foot and streetwear in Italy. Today we deliverer well selected, limited Streetwear to our followers worldwide.

Sneakerworld, the finest Sneaker and Streetwear selection in Europe.

Hypebeasts with kicks they value more than everything, that's the point where our passion started. Light Sportswear instead of boring classy clothing. Similar it all started with Adidas Originals, Nike Sportswear, New Balance, AsicsBrands we stand for. One million aspects flow into modern Streetwear, but comfort and technical knowledge are the foundation of this Industrie that grew out of sports. Modern life is a run, you want to run faster than others and even do it stylish. After comfort is secured all that counts is style. The brands we stand fore conquered the high fashion Industry in the last years. Worlds famous designers and their models wear sneakers with dresses suits and more. Everything else is history. Three stripes on your Adidas Originals t-shirt guarantee taste. The suit is no longer the only symbol for wealth, it is also your latest kicks. No-one cares if your suit has 3 different layers of gray in it, people care if you are real and limited. Grandma said put your shirt in your pants, we the new rule makers say hang it out, oversized is the thing.




Be Green

The life rhythm is high, work, party, family endless challenges to handle that’s why we love our quiet, beautiful nature, one of the last things that can bring our beat down. Watching it being treated badly is not an option. That's why Sneakerworld tries to keep everything as green as possible, starting with our shipping packaging that is recyclable. Our Brands have shown that they approach this important point with fresh ideas. The 4D future craft shoe from Adidas is one of the best examples, all produced out of recycled plastic, using new print technologies and all produced in Germany. The Sneaker Community is very active when it comes to creating a clean environment. Happenings to clean public spaces are organised very common, also in our home town Merano. No animal is killed for the production of vegan shoes. Many lines are realized without the use of animal leather. If you wish to know more about Vegan Sneakers please contact us via email. Another example is our new accessory Brand PinqPonq, every product under this name is produced to 100% out of recycled PET-bottles. In addition, they are a member of the Fear Wear Foundation, a foundation which controls chemistry-free processes.

A personal Slogan that we use and that will play an important role in this companies future is


Keep an eye on it!


We deliver green Packages

Free shipping and safe shipping. We deliver from Italy to all of Europe. From our warehouse, in the Alps we deliver right to your front door within the shortest possible times. Don’t worry about plastic and other nature poisoning materials our Packages are made of recyclable materials. Staying Green and fallowing the newest Trends does not always go hand in hand but be assured we do everything possible to keep nature green. Once you press the Free shipping button we put all your fashion pieces carefully and safely stored in the package. 

Always check if there is any surprise in your package because we like to give away discounts and other gifts.

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Women and Men care about fashion the same.


Girls we know you like your Adidas samba roses extra high and curve underlining styles that express confidence. There are never enough shades of gray, the New Balance 966 series has the most creative names for colors and you celebrate that. Conch Shell with Rain Cloud  that's colorways that express your passion for travel. You cant have enough modern accessories in your closet, you are always informed about everything that is going on in women fashion and so are we.


High tech in everything! Cars and planes are not enough, also when you get new clothes you want to see only the latest trends and technologies. You want a breathable mesh that embeds you like a second skin, the same flexible and resisting. You show your vision of a green fitness-oriented lifestyle.  Based in Europe, surrounded by  Mountain, we know you guys need outdoor performance. When you go out in the rain you don’t need an umbrella, your stuff is high tech enough to keep you dry. You want the newest Nike Air Max, the legend since it first appeared in the late 80s, a product with history in the scene which expresses you stand for the same values.


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